Options for Green Energy was a non-profit innovation group based upon the successful Options for Homes model, which delivers secure, cost-effective, ownership housing. Options for Green Energy adapted this model to offer a secure green-energy, community-based investment opportunities. As with Options for Homes, the Options for Green Energy model is transparent and democratically controlled by those who become co-op members. Each green energy co-operative invited their local community members to finance development and operation of green energy projects and offered a financial return.


From 2009 to 2017, Options for Green Energy supported three renewable energy co-operatives to help bring 14 community solar projects to Ontario communities. The three co-operatives, Queen Street Solar, Green Timiskaming, and Guelph Renewable Energy Co-operative, recruited a combined membership of over 450 people. The total capital cost of the projects initiated by these co-operatives exceeds $25 million.  All three co-operatives worked within a model developed by the Community Wealth Non-profit Corporation that sees surpluses from projects go back into a central fund which is then used to support social enterprise endeavours.


Icarus Power Generation is an established developer and power producer of renewable energy resources. Since 2005 Icarus has developed, designed and built over 300 solar and wind energy power projects in Canada and Europe.  Icarus experience in design, permitting construction, and ongoing maintenance of renewable energy installations enables it to effectively partner with building owners, residents and communities to bring projects to commercial operation on time and on budget, then manage and maintain them for the life of the project.  Icarus services include consulting, project management, engineering and construction of small and utility scale renewable energy plants.


Solera Sustainable Energies Company was founded on the guiding principal of building a business with products and services that are green and positive for all involved. Today, Solera is an industry leader at home and abroad, providing sustainable energy products to clients around the globe. Corporations, institutions and homeowners all benefit from Solera’s “giving back” technologies.

Solera continues to diversify its service offerings integrating advanced energy storage, a critical component and enabler to the sustainable energy mix going forward, particularly with respect to its international practice. Solera’s diversification is enabling the delivery of clean, reliable power to areas of the world suffering from electricity supplies that are exhorbitantly costly, unreliable, or altogether non-existent.


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