Current GRECo Solar Bonds

In 2015, members of GRECo purchased community bonds for GRECo’s Airpark & Silvercreek projects. These bonds secured $185,000 in co-op equity, which allowed GRECo to leverage the $1.5 million in partners and financing required for the two rooftop projects.


In these two projects: 

  • GRECo controls 51%.

  • The co-operative generates income to pay 37 community bond holders a solid return on their $5,000 bonds.

  • Bonds have a 20-year term (option to transfer the bond after 5 years).

  • 5% of the bond principal is paid back annually each year starting at the end of year one. 

  • Average return on outstanding principal: 7.26%.  


The bonds will pay the following interest on the outstanding principal balance:

  • Years 1 through 5 - 5.0%

  • Years 6 through 10 - 7.5%

  • Years 11 through 15 - 10.0%

  • Years 16 through 20 - 12.5%


For more details on the GRECo co-operative model for community financing used for the Airpark & SIlvercreek projects in 2015, please download the GRECo Solar Community Bond Investment Guide 2015, below.

PLEASE NOTE: the community bonds for the Airpark & Silvercreek projects are fully subscribed, and sold out.  Stay tuned for further offers. 

If you'd like to be notified when our next bond offering is released, please join our mailing list, and indicate that you'd like to be notified when membership re-opens. Our bonds can only be purchased by GRECo members.

GRECo Solar Community Bond

Investment Guide 2015

Current Solar Bonds

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