Current Solar Projects

Current GRECo Solar Energy Projects

Two GRECo projects are now complete and operational: Airpark & Silvercreek


The electricity generated from these projects is sold to the Ontario Power Authority under the FIT program.  Thirty-seven $5,000 bonds were sold to GRECo members to raise the $185,000 needed for construction to begin on the projects, and in order to gain partners and financing for the total $1.5 million needed. 


Promotion of the bonds was only to members of the co-operative — most individuals purchased one bond.  In this way the financial returns from energy production at each site are spread to the maximum number of community bond holders.

Silvercreek Parkway

GRECo’s second — and much larger — rooftop solar project was completed in October, 2015.  The Silvercreek site features 1,100 panels installed on top of the Value Village at 218 Silvercreek Pkwy in Guelph, and generates enough energy

to power 300 homes.

       Woodbridge, ON.

  • FIT Notice to Proceed: January, 2015

  • System installation: Summer, 2015

  •  System commissioned: October, 2015

Airpark Place

GRECo’s first rooftop solar project at 2 Airpark Place in Guelph is up and running. The 370 rooftop panels generate enough electricity to power 11 to 12 homes. The Airpark Place Project officially began generating power in July, 2015.  


  • 100 kW (110kWp)

  • Partner: Solera Sustainable Energies Co.

  • FIT Notice to Proceed: January, 2015

  • System installation: Summer, 2015

  • System commissioned: July, 2015


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